The WCC was first held in London on Friday 23rd September 2012. Since then, it has been held periodically in between our other projects and whilst we looked after our very young families. However, now our children are out of infancy, we are ready to grow this experience as far and wide as it is needed.

The Wild Chocolate Club differs perhaps from other Conscious Clubbing experiences in that it is, in part, a structured event. There are stages we guide you through; we warm you up, get you to shake it out, then we dance it all to some awesome tunes. Then we rest you a while to some beautiful crystal singing bowls before we all come back together and chill out in our Love Lounge to some tunes, and maybe get a short head or foot massage.

We also differ from other conscious clubbing events in that the space we dance is is darkened, lit by fairy lights and some funky dancing lights. We invite you to close your eyes for most of the dancing. The first time you some, this is can feel a bit odd and we ask that you trust the process. Honestly, once you allow yourself to trust that eyes closed is safe, you will dance like you’ve never danced before. And no-one is there to judge how you move, what you look like, or what is happening for you because they are all doing exactly the same thing. This is the chance to dance like nobody’s watching because nobody actually is!

To give you a bit of an energy boost, we imbibe a shot of raw cacao before we start to dance. In it’s raw state, raw cacao is one of the best super foods on the planet for opening the heart and feeding the feel good neurotransmitters in the brain.

According to David Wolfe and Shazzie’s book Naked Chocolate, it has over 143 active components or pyhto-nutrients in each bean (in varying amounts depending on the quality), the main one being magnesium. Magnesium is the most deficient mineral within the western diet. Magnesium supports the heart . It can help increase flexibility, builds strong bones and increases alkalinity.

Raw cacao can open up over 300 different elimination and detoxification pathways. It is also jam packed with great things like serotonin, tryptophan, dopamine, anandamide, phenylethymide and a whole list of long worded tongue twisting neurotransmitters that also have nicknames like the love chemical or the bliss chemical because they interact with your brain to help elevate your mood. So we can come up with raw cacao without the comedown!

The hardest thing you will ever have to overcome at the Wild Chocolate Club is taking the first step through the door.

Once you overcome your worries about dancing sober, or looking silly, or whatever other resistance pops up into your head- the rest is just really, really easy.

We guide you all of the way, we keep you safe, work hard to stop you bumping into anyone, play fabulous music, and you get to dance and sweat and drink raw chocolate!


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The Raw Ecstatic Conscious Clubbing Experience.
Dance Your Heart In!


When we enter into the heart of dance we enter into our own hearts.  Here we can celebrate life and each other.

We create a beautiful dance space where YOU can explore the bodies desire to move and connect with others from an authentic place. Supported with sacred cacao shots that enhance heart opening natural highs, nourishing your body and help to flush out toxins! Exciting, vibrating, transforming and transmuting YOU at a deep cellular level.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance:

Ecstatic Awakening Dance although deceptively simple in it’s structure, is a powerful fast-track path to transformation. Using rhythm, music, meditation and breath to ignite our life-force. There is no right or wrong way to move! Shake, jump, shimmy be wild! It’s simply about tuning in and turning on to your own energy to let go of tensions and to allow an unfolding of the layers of contraction in our mind-body-heart liberating the dance within.



By being fully present in your body you get in touch with reality with the never ending now. This heartbeat, this breath, this feeling, this movement, this moment. By closing the eyes you start to feel from the inside instead of projecting from the outside. Your body is like a gateway that you can access your multi-dimensional from. We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings all at once all at the same time.

Everything that you have ever experienced is held somewhere in your body, especially pre-verbal states. It is here thoughts become emotions, become physical symptoms. This is the place where wellness or illness is created this is also the place of healing.

Your Body as a Bridge

The body is a bridge between heaven and earth. It is a vehicle for your soul. It is through your body that you interact with your environment and express your souls purpose it is also a navigational tool to guide you through life. The soul speaks through sensations feelings thoughts and emotions. Your body instinctively knows when something feels right or wrong.The body is a map of your story past, present and future, everything is recorded here. Your painful memories, every trauma, your joy, your bliss, your habitual responses to life, your illness or wellness can all be seen here. In the way you sit, the way you move, the way your body parts interact with each other, all this shows how you are experiencing life in the present moment.

And here is your potential for change!

Please join us for a day of raising your body awareness, This workshop is for anyone who has a body, We will gently drop inside ourselves to rediscover the gift and the miracle that our body is, no matter what shape, size, age or state of health. You can access your unique body wisdom and gain insights to help you reach a more grounded sense of well-being.

We will be accessing this using:

Wild Chocolate Ceremony.
Guided visualization

Rebecca & Zoë will hold a warm, encouraging and humorous space using a series of gentle but powerful processes to help you come home to your body and feel safe in your own skin.



We are the dreamers and doers of the Wild Chocolate Club. Rebecca is the Director of the School of Ecstatic Movement which trains people to hold these gorgeous events and Zoë is an awesome massage therapist.

We both believe that coming home to and falling in love with our amazing bodies is the single most important thing we can do in this lifetime and we thoroughly agree that wild free dance is the quickest & most fun way to do this.

Together we create the Wild Chocolate Club to be safe, sacred, energising, beautiful and mind-blowingly fantastic.


Between us we have been to more clubs and organised more underground parties than the average superstar DJ. We also have a repertoire of moves from the cool to the utterly ridiculous.

We have a whopping great 26 years experience of holding & creating warm friendly environments in groups as diverse as drug awareness, relapse prevention and shamanism to breast feeding and parenting support, and of course lots of Ecstatic Awakening Dance!

We’ve worked with men & women across the whole spectrum of society. We love people. We love your stories. We love your hearts. Wherever you’ve come from, wherever you’re going to, all of you is welcome here at the Wild Chocolate Club.

We believe that transformation doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, we have discovered the only thing you need to do is have the courage to step through the door. Everything else is taken care of.

We are guides who lead you to a nurturing space inside yourself. This joyful place that has been waiting all along , just waiting for your dance.

We are delighted to say that we have 5 wild, delicious, radiant, beautiful and slightly exhausting children between us.

We can’t wait to meet you.

May you be blessed with love & abundance,

Rebecca & Zoë

“ To dance when nobody’s watching is true liberation for the soul”

FME’S (Frequently Made Excuses)

I’m just too tired

We all feel like that sometimes! You can come and dance your tired dance with us! It is so lovely to come in tired out and leave after a really, really good dancing session. Somehow, at some magical point, our energy always shifts and we get a burst of delicious dancing energy.

I’m too old

There is no upper age limit to wanting to dance.  Everyone is welcome; whether you are eighteen or eighty nine you are most welcome.  Movement and rhythm are your birthright, no matter when it was that you were born!

Everyone will be watching. How do I know everyone else will close their eyes?

We can’t we guarantee that everyone will 100% close their eyes. I mean, we aren’t the closed eye police! However, we can assure you that people just do close their eyes and there seems to be a real level of trust around it. We can also pretty much guarantee, that the first time people come to dance at the Wild Chocolate Club, they will be convinced everyone else is watching them as they dance their dance with their eyes closed- and most will peek and realise that everyone else is dancing their dance too with their eyes well and truly closed!

I don’t like chocolate

The chocolate is not obligatory. You are welcome to have the chocolate, or you can choose not to have it. The chocolate is used to help give a bit of energy and boost your body with all of the lovely properties it can afford us. However, it really is up to you!

I’m actually too busy

Modern life is busy and stressful, what better way to let some of that go than to dance!   We all complain that we are drowning in work/appointments/children/housework that we don’t get time to enjoy ourselves. Three hours on a Friday night every six weeks is definitely manageable!

I can’t get a babysitter

We know that one it can be a bit tricky. We manage it by pooling our kids- they get a sleepover thrown in which they LOVE. How about childcare swaps? One Wild Chocolate Club night, a friend with children babysits for you, the next WCC night, you swap? Or ask a neighbour?

I normally need a glass of wine or two inside me before I can dance.

And don’t we just think that! It’s true it does help you loosen up your inhibitions a bit, but there’s a fine line between life and soul of the party and “Oh no what did I do last night?!” We invite you in gently. Our job is to help make you feel comfortable with dimmed lighting and the invitation to close your eyes. Don’t forget most of the other brave dancers will be thinking the same thing as you! However, they will all be moving there is no one standing on the sidelines giving you marks out of 10.

I’m too sore

We don’t expect you to come to our events and push your body beyond what makes you comfortable. Dancing can help with fitness which can ease any aches and pains. Part of what we are trying to do is to let people really listen to how their bodies want to move. You can maybe try to stretch into a sore muscle, or to lean a bit into an achy hip BUT if it is just really sore, respect that message from your wise, beautiful body and dance around it.

I can’t dance

Everybody can dance. We are born with an innate ability to move to rhythm. ‘Not being able to dance’ usually means not dancing as the collective moves or in simpler terms, how we think ‘cool’ people dance. This is why we close our eyes. It lets you drop down and just move how your body wants you to move to the beats and rhythms that are playing.

I might not like the music

That is just fine! We just suggest that maybe you can dance that into the music- dance like you hate the music- see what kind of dance that is! Also- you don’t HAVE to dance, we are also not the dance police! Sometimes, people take a bit of time out to stretch out, or to rest on the floor.

Okay, okay- I accept all of the above. Actually, underneath it all I am just a bit scared because I’ve never done it before.

That is just how we felt the first time we did anything like the Wild Chocolate Club. It does take a lot of courage to step into something new, especially when it involves moving your body, but the magic starts to happen as soon as you take that step through the door. We are here to guide you through the whole process and to keep you safe. Once you close your eyes and let yourself go down into the music, all of the worry and fear you might have arrived with will just drop away. It is really quite difficult to not get taken off into the feeling of that generates in the room once the beats kick in and everyone starts moving.


We believe that the expectation of personal perfection sucks! As it makes you feel like there is something wrong with you and we don’t believe there is.

We believe that your mind is a beautiful creative tool and the less you try to shut it up, the more peaceful you become.

We believe the human body is an awesome beautiful thing that enables you to feel pleasure.

We believe that our Wild Chocolate Ceremony can open the doors to your heart and fill your body & mind with delight.

We believe that free dance means exactly that, no steps to learn, no right or wrong, no judgement, no adjustments, no clique to fit into (cliques make our skin crawl).

We believe that to dance when nobody’s watching is true liberation for the soul.

We believe if you stop reaching for the image of perfection you’ll realise you are perfect already.

We believe that stories we tell ourselves of Who I Am end up getting stuck in our bodies and create armouring that falls away during the shake and dance.

We believe in you. If you’ve got the courage to step through the door you don’t have to fit in, you already belong.

We believe that integration of this experience is felt and embodied during the sound bath after the dance. It is probably the most important bit.

We believe that the parts that you think are flawed are the parts of you that we think are the most beautiful.

We believe that having a space for self-expression is your birth right.

We believe that “Rule Breakers Rock”.

We believe that you can’t be anybody else no matter how hard you try, so you may as well be FULLY yourself; the good, the bad the ugly and the beautiful.

We believe that vulnerability = strength = invincibility.

We believe that everyone should have a pair of awesome pants that they wear when they’ve got something a little bit scary to do.


“I was speechless when I saw these photos, I had so much stuff coming up while I was dancing and here I can see it coming out of me!

WCC is so much fun. I had no idea what it was going to be like when I did my first one but it is so liberating to dance with no one watching. Emotions and thoughts come up while I’m dancing but by putting them into my dance, rather than staying stuck in my head, it moves, changes and passes. It is transformative. One of the biggest things I have noticed is how much more energised I feel after a session. Bring it on!”


“I would like to tell you closet boogiers out there to just not over think this and just do it. It took a lot of nerve for me to attend my first ecstatic dance with Zoë. I actually felt nauseous at the thought of going in daylight and dancing lol! I never regretted a single moment. Zoë made me feel at ease instantly. Her humour, love and compassion touched me deeply, and I trusted her straight away. She says at the beginning of the classes, ” there is no right or wrong and no judgment” and you feel instantly at ease knowing that. It really is the most liberating experience to just drop your guard and let go. I have a very small comfort zone (trust me really small). I’ve told many people that I go and every time I see the look of surprise that I attend the classes as anyone who knows me would know that its out of character to be so brave lol.

I have nothing but love and respect for Zoë and Rebecca for creating a space to let go, trust, enjoy, release those pent up emotions, cry, laugh, stomp, fly, whatever you want to do is ok. Just be brave enough to come out of your head and just put one foot in front of the other, now just keep going until you get to the doors and take a deep breath before you walk through. You will be greeted by two beautiful smiling women who will take care of your heart and soul for the next couple of hours, you won’t regret a moment.”


I didn’t really know what to expect when I turned up for my first wild chocolate club experience the other day, thinking I’ll try anything once and hoping to have at least a reasonable boogie.  Well, I was frankly blown away by the whole thing. The space had a beautiful atmosphere, warm, held and safe. The chocolate ceremony felt authentic and meaningful. The warm up was well led and built to a fantastic climax with the 10 minute body shake, something I had never tried before and is totally fantastic!!  Then followed what I can only describe as probably the best dance ever, and trust me I have danced in my time! I felt so high in a totally natural and conscious way, fully absorbed in my own intimate process, perhaps dancing for the first time like no one was watching.  The tunes were great, proper tribal grooves, really easy to move to.  We were then “built down” very nicely as we  flopped purged to the floor, bathed in a stunning sound bath created by these huge singing bowls. Awesome! I went home feeling thoroughly satisfied and deeply worked; and definitely keen for the next one!

Merle, a Wild Chocolate Club Virgin

“I think I might have forgotten myself last night…Actually, if I really think about it, I think I might just have just remembered who I am. Wow.”

F.K. Hereford

“I was a little hesitant to go along at first after far too many weirdy festival dancing experiences. But I reminded myself that I loved dancing and I loved music (and really, I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed with invitations for nights out any more!) and went along to the WCC.

I had the most brilliant time – nothing odd, nothing heavy, nothing to be freaked about. Just some really great (loud!) music, fantastic tunes and the chance to really dance. Doesn’t really get much better or easier than that!”

Debbie Lewis, Hereford.

“Wow. Last night – wow. I have always been hideously self conscious about dancing, unless very drunk, or at home alone – and I mean alone, no family present. So last night was far enough away from my comfort zone as to be another galaxy and, as you know, I was bricking it!!! I have never experienced cacao properly before, what a hit!! Perfect gateway to allowing yourself into a space where you can let go. You and Rebecca made a very scary place (for some, obviously including me!) into a safe haven and a completely new unknown process very clear and accessible. During the dance I experienced moments of joy, clarity and being genuinely lost in the music. The music – wow! Intense and awesome!! I also experienced some serious shifts of perception, feeling at times very close to a wall or surrounded by people and at others as though standing on an edge or very close to stairs. I was amazed to find later how far I had moved across the hall as I would have sworn my feet had taken only tiny movements (that cacao…………!!!) I also experienced moments where my head interfered and brought me back to my scared, embarrassed self and in those moments the breath you taught us was very helpful. The moment where we suddenly stilled and dropped to the floor was………..trippy, no other word!! Total complete immediate shift of consciousness. Clearly, I need to come again, and again, and again, and AGAIN – until I can metaphorically cut my troublesome head off and just enjoy!!! Each time approaching with less fear and more joy 🙂

(Definitely think we should camp out! Drive home was very odd, saved I think by Late Night Womens Hour!!) The experience continued with extraordinary dreams all night and continues now with a deep feeling of………well, stuff still going on!!!!! THANK YOU both SO MUCH XXXXXXX”

Ruth, Hereford.


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