To make Cacao Shot

You need
50g High grade raw Cacao preferably ceremonial grade
Your preferred sweetener
Dash of chilli.

You will need:

Find a special place you won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes.
Your Cacao Shot.
Journal, pen or pencils.
Closing the eyes and taking 3 connected breaths. Letting go of any worries on each exhalation and energising on each inhalation. Feeling the breath expanding your chest.
Keep breathing slowly and deeply into your chest and start to notice any sensations in your heart.
Now ask yourself while you are resting in your heart space, what is my heart’s desire? If I could manifest anything right now what would it be?
Think about the feelings that this heart’s desire would give you.
As you do this hold your sacred cacao elixir in your hands and see if you can expand those good feeling vibes.
Then as you imbibe this drink feel it first penetrating your heart opening you up like a flower to receive all that you desire, then let this feeling flow throughout your whole body. Let yourself buzz with the feelings of your heart’s desire.
Let your creativity flow as the Cacao flows through you, draw, paint, write, and dance let your heart’s desire start to be rooted through your creative endeavours.