By being fully present in your body you get in touch with reality with the never ending now. This heartbeat, this breath, this feeling, this movement, this moment. By closing the eyes you start to feel from the inside instead of projecting from the outside. Your body is like a gateway that you can access your multi-dimensional from. We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings all at once all at the same time.

Everything that you have ever experienced is held somewhere in your body, especially pre-verbal states. It is here thoughts become emotions, become physical symptoms. This is the place where wellness or illness is created this is also the place of healing.

Your Body as a Bridge

The body is a bridge between heaven and earth. It is a vehicle for your soul. It is through your body that you interact with your environment and express your souls purpose it is also a navigational tool to guide you through life. The soul speaks through sensations feelings thoughts and emotions. Your body instinctively knows when something feels right or wrong.The body is a map of your story past, present and future, everything is recorded here. Your painful memories, every trauma, your joy, your bliss, your habitual responses to life, your illness or wellness can all be seen here. In the way you sit, the way you move, the way your body parts interact with each other, all this shows how you are experiencing life in the present moment.

And here is your potential for change!

Please join us for a day of raising your body awareness, This workshop is for anyone who has a body, We will gently drop inside ourselves to rediscover the gift and the miracle that our body is, no matter what shape, size, age or state of health. You can access your unique body wisdom and gain insights to help you reach a more grounded sense of well-being.

We will be accessing this using:

Wild Chocolate Ceremony.
Guided visualization

Rebecca & Zoë will hold a warm, encouraging and humorous space using a series of gentle but powerful processes to help you come home to your body and feel safe in your own skin.