The Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher training is a fully encompassed certified training that will.


  • Inspire you to be passionate about teaching;
  • Empower you with confidence to be a group leader;
  • Enable you to take a quantum leap in your own process of personal transformation.

Course Outline:


This is a new 9 month online course with a 5 day residential module.


The course will include:


Online webinars and support.
Module 1: Building Blocks and History of the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Process
Module 2: Coming Home to your Body
Module 3: Shake Awake: Emptying the Vessel
Module 4: The Ecstatic Awakening Dance Experience
Module 5: Grounding
Module 6: Five Day Residential Training and Practical Assessment
Module 7: Putting Your Dance into Practice
Module 8: Online Marketing for Your Classes
Module 9: Certification